Emma Krab


527 Farm House Ln
Ames IA


Emma Krab is a writer, journalist, and sixth generation Nebraskan. As a first year MFA student in Creative Writing and Environment, she hopes to grow as a compassionate and nature-minded storyteller.

Coming from a long line of cowboys, farmers, and poets-turned-housewives, Emma grew up in a small prairie town along the Nebraska-Colorado border. She often returns to this place in her fiction and nonfiction, mesmerized by the loneliness and curiosity present in rural spaces. With interests in history and environmentalism, she hopes to bring her readers stories of the past shaped in her own blend of naturalism, nostalgia, and Gen Z modernity.

Emma earned her degrees in English and journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she read for Prairie Schooner as an intern. As a rural and environmental journalist, she has written for Platte Basin Timelapse, Nebraska News Service, and Nebraska Public Media, where she also served as a familiar voice on statewide public radio. In 2023, she earned national recognition for her wildlife podcast In Our Nature.