Evgeny Chukharev


Office:226 Ross
527 Farm House Ln.
Ames IA


Courses I am Teaching

ENGL 120: Computers and Language
ENGL 219: Introduction to Linguistics
ENGL 320: Topics in Linguistic Structure
ENGL 516: Methods of Formal Linguistic Analysis
ENGL 520: Computational Analysis of English
ENGL 630: Seminar in Applied Linguistics


Ph.D. Herzen State University of Russia Linguistics
B.S. & M.S. Arkhangelsk State Technical University Computer Science and Engineering

Research Areas

Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Recent Publications

Refereed Journal Articles (9): (* indicates student co-authors)

  1. Torrance, M., Nottbusch, G., Alves, R. A., Arfé, B., Chanquoy, L., Chukharev-Hudilainen, E., Dimakos, I., Fidalgo, R., Hyönä, J., Jóhannesson, Ó. I., Madjarov, G., Pauly, D., Uppstad, P. H., van Waes, L., Vernon, M., & Wengelin, Å. (forthcoming). Timed written picture naming in 14 European languages. Behavior Research Methods.
  2. Qian, M.*, Chukharev-Hudilainen, E., & Levis, J. (forthcoming). A system for adaptive high variability segmental perceptual training: Implementation, effectiveness, and transfer. Language Learning & Technology.
  3. Netunayeva, I. M., & Chukharev-Hudilainen, E. (2016). Optativ i imperativ v funkcii zapreta na dejstvie v gotskom jazyke (= Optative and imperative prohibitions in Gothic). Vestnik Volgogradskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. Ser. 2. Jazykoznanie, 15(2), 129-137, DOI: 10.15688/jvolsu2.2016.2.15.
  4. Ranalli, J., Link, S.*, & Chukharev-Hudilainen, E. (2016). Automated writing evaluation for formative assessment of second language writing: Investigating the accuracy and usefulness of feedback as part of argument-based validation. Educational Psychology, DOI: 10.1080/01443410.2015.1136407.
  5. Chukharev-Hudilainen, E., & Klepikova, T. A. (2014/2016). The effectiveness of computer-based spaced repetition in foreign language vocabulary instruction: A double-blind study. CALICO Journal, 33(3), 334-354, DOI: 10.1558/cj.v33i3.26055. (CALICO Journal Best Article Award)
  6. Chukharev-Hudilainen, E., & Saricaoglu, A.* (2014/2016). Causal discourse analyzer: Improving automated feedback on academic ESL writing. Computer Assisted Language Learning, 29(3), 494-516, DOI: 10.1080/09588221.2014.991795. [65%]
  7. Feng, H.-H.*, Saricaoglu, A.*, & Chukharev-Hudilainen, E. (2016). Automated error detection for developing grammar proficiency of ESL learners. CALICO Journal, 33(1), 49–70, DOI: 10.1558/cj.v33i1.26507.
  8. Chukharev-Hudilainen, E. (2014). Pauses in spontaneous written communication: A keystroke logging study. Journal of Writing Research, 6(1), 61-84. (John R. Hayes Award for Excellence in Writing Research)
  9. Klepikova, T. A., & Chukharev-Hudilainen, E. (2013). Texnologii sinteza rechi v obuchenii leksike anglijskogo jazyka (= Speech synthesis technologies in teaching English vocabulary). Izvestija SPbGUEF, 1, 75-79.

Book Chapters (1):

  1. Netunayeva, I. M. & Chukharev-Hudilainen, E. (forthcoming). Osobennosti funkcionirovanija form optativa v slozhnopodchinennom predlozhenii v gotskom jazyke (= Gothic Optative in complex sentence). In Babenko, N. S., Yakovenko, E. B., & Zelenetsky, A. L. (Eds), Lingua Gotica. Moscow: Russian Academy of Sciences.

Current Research

  1. Jeong, H. D., Chukharev-Hudilainen, E., & Gilbert, S. (2016–2019). A natural language based data retrieval engine for automated digital data extraction for civil infrastructure projects. National Science Foundation. Amount funded: $285,305.
  2. Gutierrez-Osuna, R., Levis, J., & Chukharev-Hudilainen, E. (2016–2019). EXP: Collaborative Research: Perception and production in second language: the roles of voice variability and familiarity. Cyberlearning and Future Learning Technologies, National Science Foundation. Amount funded: $565,647.
  3. Chukharev-Hudilainen, E. & Ranalli, J. (2015–2018). EAGER: Exploiting Keystroke Logging and Eye-Tracking to Support the Learning of Writing. Cyberlearning and Future Learning Technologies, National Science Foundation. Amount funded: $299,519.

Articles and Repositories: Google Scholar, ISU Digital Repository