Fred Johnson


527 Farm House Ln
Ames IA


Fred Johnson is an MFA candidate in Creative Writing and Environment and a 2021/2022 Hogrefe Fellow. A slightly startled Brit, Fred completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Liverpool, England, and his MPhil at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Between then and now (decades! Centuries!), he's worked in trade and academic publishing, most recently as Senior Editor for Heroic Books and Copy-Editor for Medicine Anthropology Theory (MAT), an international academic journal based in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he’s rooted. Primarily a poet eager to awkwardly squeeze into the great 20th-century Midwestern tradition, he also sometimes (rather more uncertainly) attempts short-form fiction. A long-distance father to two dearly missed transatlantic cats, Fred plans to return to Scotland after his studies, gather his books and a zoo’s worth of animals, and disappear into a Highland croft.