Jennifer Knox

Lecturer [ENGL]


Office:239 Ross
527 Farm House Ln
Ames IA
Links: Website

Office Hours: T R 11am-12:30pm, 2-3:30pm, 5-6pm


Spring 2018 office hours: T/R 12-2

Courses I am Teaching:

ENGL 302: Business Communication
ENGL 314: Technical Communication
ENGL 316: Poetry Writing


MFA Creative Writing, Poetry, New York University
ESL Teaching Certification, University of Houston
B.A. English, University of Iowa

About My Teaching:

The goal of all writing is to connect with readers. Whether it’s Technical Writing or Poetry Writing, my goal as an instructor is to help students to understand that interpersonal process.

How I came to Teach what I Teach:

To support my poetry habit, I have worked in communications for over twenty years—from concept development to writing to graphic design. My areas of expertise include education, human resources, healthcare, non-profit, education, retail, events, and food ingredients. My professional experience has shown me the importance of placing the reader’s needs and expectations first. This skill has deeply enriched my creative writing as well as my teaching. Recent speaking engagement topics include “The Power of Weirdoes” (Iowa Youth Writing Programs Conference, Key Note, 2017) and “Using Humor in Poetry” (Sarah Lawrence Poetry Festival, 2016).


BBQing with ADHD, a culinary memoir in progress.
Crushing It,
a book of poems in progress.
Queen Mother, a book of environmental short stories in progress.
Days of Shame and Failure. New York: Bloof Books, 2015.
The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway. New York: Bloof Books, 2010.
Wir Fürchten Uns: Jennifer L. Knox. Wiesbaden, Germany: Lux Books, 2008.
Drunk By Noon. New York: Bloof Books, 2007.
A Gringo Like Me. 1st Edition: New York: Soft Skull Press, 2005; 2nd Edition: Bloof Books, 2007.


A Bloof Sampler. New York: Bloof Books, 2012.
Poets off Poetry.
New York: Coldfront Magazine, 2011.
Washington, D.C.: Big Game Books, 2007.

Recent Publications:


Brooklyn Poets Anthology, Brooklyn Arts Press, 2017.

Misrepresented People: Poetic Responses to Trump’s America. NYQ Books, 2017.

An Anthology of Contemporary American Poets Translated into Spanish. Valparaiso, Mexico, 2017.

Humor: A Reader for Writers. Oxford University Press, 2015.

An Introduction to Creative Writing. Bridgepoint Education, 2015.


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American Poetry Review (2017). “Wolverine Season,” “You Look At the Window.”

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Bennington Review (2017). “Abby Got Out.”

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The Inquisitive Eater, a Publication of the New School Food (2017). “Field Guide Acknowledgements,” “The Visitors,” “Yogjakarta.”

The Journal (2017). “Hero.”

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Open Letters Monthly (2017). “Poetry Everywhere.”

Plume (2017). “It’s Not Your Fault.”

Spork (2017). “California Hobo Insurance,” “Huey P. Long versus Jack London,” “King Country,” “Oh, Those Nutty Zaggers, “Zone 9: All the Village Idiots.”

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The Academy of American Poets’ State Parks Project (2016). “The Effigy Mounds.”

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Fence Magazine (2016): “Nazi Art.”

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Poem-A-Day for The Academy of American Poets (2016). “Name That Tune.”

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Sundance (2015).Watch the Book: Great Movies About Poets And Poetry.”

Painted Bride Quarterly (2015). “The Bubble.”

Outside of the University…

In 2016, I was named an Iowa Arts Council Fellow for my environmental crowd-sourced poetry project, Iowa Bird of Mouth, which ended in August 31, 2017. Over 800+ people of all ages from around the world contributed to twelve poems honoring Iowa birds. I’m currently researching opportunities to collaborate with visual artists and musicians using this incredible wealth of open source text.

Along with writing, my husband and I own and operate an artisanal seasoning company called Saltlickers. It combines my love of cooking with my experience in branding and marketing. Our flavors are our own recipes, and we grow many of the ingredients in our garden. All our blends are homemade and free from preservatives, silicone dioxide, MSG and dairy. Our best seller is Cy Salt (go, ‘Clones!).

We also love exploring national parks, hiking, canoeing, and hunting mushrooms.