Mariana Castro Azpíroz


527 Farm House Ln
Ames IA


Mariana Castro Azpíroz is a first-year MFA student and 2023-2024 Pearl Hogrefe Fellow who was born and raised in Mexico. During the pandemic, she created an online science communication project (Ciencia en un clic) in order to spread reliable information among the Spanish-speaking community. From 2020 to 2023, she published a monthly article on climate change, as well as science communication articles in various online blogs and magazines, such as Nexos.

She is eager to explore the use of narrative devices during her time at the CWE program. Through her writing, she wishes to encourage curiosity and a sense of wonder for the world that surrounds us, but also work towards the Sustainable Development Goals. She hopes to use creative nonfiction to inspire people to make socially and environmentally responsible decisions.

Mariana believes in the importance of bridging the gap between the scientific community, policy-makers, and society. She is concerned about environmental issues and social justice, and seeks to promote a scientific culture. She is also an advocate for gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. In her spare time, Mariana enjoys rock music and loves spending time outdoors in Nature.

Professional homepage. Note: this is not a website, but the Instagram account of my science communication project.