Nicole Allaire


527 Farm House Ln
Ames IA


Courses I am Teaching:

SP CM 212 – Fundamentals of Public Speaking
SP CM 312 – Business and Professional Speaking
SP CM 323 – Gender Communication


M.A. in Communication Studies, University of Northern Iowa
M.Ed. Adult Education, University of Minnesota
B.A. Speech Communication, University of Minnesota

Research Areas:

Interpersonal communication, public speaking, gender communication and social media.

About My Teaching:

My teaching philosophy centers on creating a safe, warm, and welcoming atmosphere where students can challenge themselves, enhance their public speaking skills and be creative. I strive to create a positive, fun, and exciting learning environment.

How I came to Teach what I Teach:

While in college, my Speech Communication TA asked me to be her Undergraduate TA because she felt I was called to teach speech. After helping teach a speech class, I discovered that teaching interpersonal communication and public speaking are truly passions of mine. I have taught at the college level for over 16 years.

Current Research:

Chen, S. S., Allaire, N, & Chen, Z. J (2018). Constructing Narratives in Response to Trump’s Election: How Various Populations Make Sense of an Unexpected Victory. Lexington Books, I am currently co-editing and co-writing a chapter in Building Sexual Misconduct Cases Against Powerful Men with Sarina Chen and Joyce Chen to be published in Spring 2019.

I also chaired a presentation at the Iowa Communication Association (ICA) and will chair the State of Iowa Showcase presentation for this research in April, 2019.

Outside of the University…

I have two amazing sons, Austin and Evan, as well as two dogs (Tibby and Janey). I am a huge ISU, U of MN, and Baylor fan. Weekend getaways, drives to Texas, and trips overseas are my favorites. I also enjoy visiting my parents in Minnesota and Florida. My creative outlets include writing, making jewelry, interior design, and fashion. I believe in life-long learning, self-improvement and the development of healthy relationships.