Philip B. Gallagher




My name is Philip Gallagher. I am an ABD-PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Professional Communication specializing in Communication Design Theory and Pedagogy, New Media Learning, and Applied Communications research at Iowa State University. I will receive my degree Spring 2020. I earned both my M.A. in English in Composition, Rhetoric, and Professional Writing (2012) and my B.A. in English (2009) from Eastern Illinois University. My current research interests include: rhetorical design theory and practices in business & technical communication, knowledge management in virtual communities, the development of New Media assignments, embodied cognition and phenomenological writing studies, and the rhetoric of diversity and inclusion in Higher Education. My latest work appears IVLA’s 2018/19 Book of Selected Readings and in ACM’s 2019 SIGDOC Conference Proceedings.

Articles and Repositories: Research Gate