Intended Offerings 2024-25

Applied Linguistics

Fall 2024
ENGL/LING 513Language Assessment PracticumOckey
ENGL/LING 516Methods of Formal Linguistic AnalysisChukharev
ENGL/LING 524LiteracyBeckett
ENGL/LING 527Discourse AnalysisCotos
ENGL/LING 530Technology and Oral LanguageSonsaat Hegelheimer
ENGL/LING 537GrammarGray
ENGL/LING 588Supervised Practice Teaching in Teaching EslWalton
ENGL/LING 630 1Seminar in Applied Linguistics: Validation of Language AssesmentsChapelle
ENGL/LING 630 2Seminar in Applied Linguistics: Advanced Quantitative Methods for Applied LinguisticsOckey

Creative Writing

Fall 2024
552Workshop: ScriptwritingMenefee
555Workshop: NonfictionMarquart
560Environmental Field ExperienceMarquart
589Supervised Practicum in Literary EditingMarquart


Fall 2024
521Teaching of Literature & the Literature CurriculumSams
546Issues in the Study of LiteratureShenk


Fall 2024
500Proseminar: Teaching Multimodal CompositionBartlett
SP CM 513Teaching Fundamentals of Public SpeakingLaWare
547History of Rhetorical TheoryRood
ENGL/SP CM 563AResearch Methods in Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication: Qualitative AnalysisTye-Williams
587Internship in Business, Technical, and Professional CommunicationBetcher
591EDirected Readings: Rhetoric and Professional CommunicationCoffelt
611Seminar in Rhetorical Theory: Data VisualizationKostelnick